eagles nest

When you look at the bible, you see that the way in which the 'church locally' organizes itself is very diverse. Not only do you see apostolic centres and regional churches, but you also see home churches and even circles that are linked to a particular ministry or minister!

Romans 16 (verse 5) Likewise greet the congregation at their house… (verse 10) Greet those who belong to the circle of Aristobulus…

This also applies to the life and ministry of Alex and Ingeborg Stekelenburg. On the one hand they are a ministry (Alexander Stekelenburg Ministries) and there are all kinds of projects that they do in the kingdom of God and at the same time there are people connected to them with whom they form a circle (we call it a community) under the name Eagles Nest!

As Eagles Nest we also have different kinds of gatherings and activities, but we do that in different ways and places. So we are also a kind of mobile church until we have a permanent place. Ultimately, the vision is to give birth to an apostolic centre that will function as the base and headquarters for ASM and all Eagles Nest activities. God's timing in this is important.

Eagles Nest aims to form a close community where everyone participates and where everyone is discipled and equipped for the work God has called us to do together and individually. We are a Warm Nest, we are Eagles Nest!

Do you want to know more about this and would you like to be a part of this send us a message and we will contact you asap!