Kingdom Coach

KINGDOM COACH, Mentorship and Coaching

Alex Stekelenburg functions in the apostolic and prophetic ministry! Alex is rooted in God's word and functions under a strong prophetic anointing. This in combination with 25 years of ministry (15 years full time) and having had his own business also enables Alex to be a spiritual father, mentor and coach in God's Kingdom.

The demand for Mentorship and Coaching is increasing! This in combination with a clear instruction from God we have decided to give birth to KINGDOM COACH: Mentorship and Coaching.

Work areas

KINGDOM COACH is part of ASM and is available for 4 specific groups:

  1. Ministry Start-Ups. These are men and women who feel called by God to start a new work. This can be a church plant, a ministry or a specific ministry project. Because it is new or it is a new project there is a need for input and coaching.
  2. Existing Ministries. These are churches and ministries that are already functioning in the Kingdom of God and have the desire to receive an upgrade or take the next step. KINGDOM COACH also works with a 'Local Church Empowerment Programme', the LCE Programme. This is to empower or help the local church to be apostolic in DNA and function. From pastoral to apostolic, the church that Jesus builds!
  3. Personal. KINGDOM COACH is also available for people personally. This can be for individual prophetic counselling and coaching sessions or long term mentorship. Wisdom. Clarity. Direction. Breakthrough. Coaching! (We also work with zoom online sessions).
  4. Entrepreneurs. These are start-ups in the field of entrepreneurship.

Because we believe in customization, the length and working method of Mentorship or Coaching is always in consultation. Ask us for the conditions!

Would you like to use KINGDOM COACH or more information? Fill in your details with a specific question and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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