Leadership Equip

A new generation of leaders

Jeremiah 3:15 …I will give shepherds after my own heart, who shall feed you with knowledge and understanding…

Psalm 78:72. … And David fed them with uprightness of heart; with skilful hands he guided them.

God is raising up a new generation of leaders and ministers. This new generation will be different, not focused on wanting to be honoured by people, not building their own kingdoms or making a "career" of their calling. They are not bread preachers, dictators or drama queens! No, they are different and have a different zeal!

Characteristics of God's new leaders

They go for revival, reformation and transformation and want to see the house of God being built! Their hearts are to bless others, advance them, and see God's kingdom expand here on earth wherever God sends them! They are full of passion, love and fire for God.

This new generation understands that leadership and ministry is about serving, equipping and releasing others into their destiny! They also understand that leadership and ministry always function from the Father heart of God and that order and freedom go hand in hand! They understand that everything has a season and that everything we do must be built on the word of God. They also understand that we are all authentic and that we need each other!

Born leaders?

Leaders are not born but formed and fruitful ministry is the result of process, learning, preparation and doing! This new generation is Davidic! Kings and priests, lions and lambs! Not perfect but absolutely sincere and therefore a powerful tool in the hand of God at a time like this!

That is why we have established a new training school under the name of Leadership Equip. This is a 14 week course consisting of several classes of teaching, training and activation!


Below is an overview of the topics:

  1. Kingdom Understanding
  2. Ecclesiology
  3. Apostolic Reformation
  4. Understanding Ministry
  5. The Fivefold Ministry
  6. Spiritual Leadership
  7. Holy Spirit, Gifts, Anointing
  8. Hermeneutics
  9. Homiletics
  10. Fatherhood and Mentorship
  11. Ministry of Deliverance and Healing
  12. Coaching and Counseling
  13. Prayer, Praise and Worship
  14. Finances and Biblical Economics

Are you a church or ministry and would you like to host a school or would you like more information? Fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible! It is also possible to invite Alex for specific training days or to host Alex for an online school or specific sessions. 

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