School of the Prophets

School of the Prophets

The prophetic is one of the most powerful instruments in the Kingdom of God. It is about the heart and mind of God. When it is released, God speaks and when God speaks, things happen.

People will be encouraged, upgraded, empowered, and many yokes will be broken, such as disappointment, disbelief, doubt, pain, spiritual blindness and deafness and all kinds of inaccurate positions.


The prophetic is a cutting edge sword given to the people of God to bring forth fruits of the Kingdom. That is why Paul instructs us in 1 Corinthians 14 to desire spiritual gifts, especially the prophetic ones. Not everyone is a prophet in the sense of the fivefold ministry, but every child of God is called to be prophetic and to move in it.

Church history shows that for centuries the prophetic has not been fully integrated and practiced in the church of Jesus Christ. In the late 1980s, God began to restore the office of the prophet and the prophetic dimension. A mighty prophetic wave came upon the body of Christ. It was an exiting season and those who embraced it shifted to a more accurate position in God.


The prophetic, together with the apostolic, forms the foundation for the building of the house of God. For more than three decades, we not only see a new wave of the Prophetic coming upon the body of Christ and more and more churches opening up to it, but we also see a strong emphasis on the activation of every believer in it. This is a very exciting development, because the more churches that open up for it and the more believers are trained in it, the more the kingdom of God will grow and advance!

I have been working in the prophetic for over twenty years. Many times people said that they also want to be used in it, and they asked me how they could grow in it. Because I know that there are many more people and local churches who are hungry for the prophetic and want to grow in it, we founded the School of the Prophets! This is a prophetic training school consisting of several classes of teaching, training and activation! In the past 5 years we have already done 11 schools and trained more than 500 people in the prophetic!


Topics we teach on are:

  • Moving and growing in the prophetic
  • Breaking the Spirit of Blindness and Deafness
  • Understanding the Ministry of the Prophets
  • Hearing God's voice
  • Prophetic Gifts, Dimensions, Principles and Protocols
  • Enemies of the prophetic and false prophets
  • Seers and the Gift of Discernment
  • Dreams and Visions
  • Prophetic prayer and intercession
  • Prophetic activation

The school is a course of 6 to 9 weeks in consultation.
It is also possible to host a prophetic training day or weekend or to host Alex for an online school or specific sessions.

Would you like to host a school or need more information? Fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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