Start up Ministry Network


Start Up Ministry Network was established especially for ministries and churches that desire to be part of a greater whole and apostolically connected. We call this Apostolic Alignment which is also a biblical principle because no one in God's Kingdom is called to stand and function alone.

For who is Start Up Ministry Network?

Start Up Ministry Network is primarily aimed at new and young ministries and churches, however those who have been on the road for a while are also welcome to participate. When we speak of new and young we are not talking about age but new Kingdom initiatives and the New Breed that God is raising for such a time as this.

Those who are part always remain autonomous in vision and leadership and at the same time open to apostolic accountability and apostolic input and empowerment where this is desired. The foundation of this network is always relationship and mutual agreement.


As a network, we will work with an apostolic team and structure. We will also work with all kinds of activities such as an annual conference, leadership retreat and various target meetings. The agenda is planned annually, partly in consultation. Being part of the network also includes personal coaching, equipping and building assistance if desired.


We live in a time in which God is establishing a New Breed of apostolic and prophetic leaders and ministers who will give birth to many new initiatives, ministries, churches and projects. Our mandate is to provide an apostolic context and our heart is to see this New Breed come to full purpose and blossom in God. We believe that the church is built on the foundation of apostles and prophets, in the full functioning of the fivefold ministry, the activation of all gifts, and the equipping of all believers. We believe in revival and reformation and that the church is called to also take its place in this world, 'the seven mountains of influence principle'.

In God’s Kingdom we are not competitors but co-labourers and we are not building our own but God’s Kingdom.

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